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Ages 1 1/2 to 3

This 30-minute class will include ballet and basic tumbling.  The “buddy” will be present with the dancer to help him/he learn the qualities of ballet and tumbling, plus other basic coordination skills.


Age 3

This is a 30 minute class that offers ballet/jazz and coordination skills.  The dancer will start or continue their basic ballet training and learn new jazz steps with the help of props and other fun skills.


Ages 4-5

This class offers ballet/jazz/tap combined for 45 minutes.  The dancer will focus on each style for 15 minutes.  They will perform one dance in the annual recital


Ages 6-7

This class offers ballet/jazz/tap combined for 1 hour.  The dancer will focus on each style for 20 minutes.  They will perform one dance in the annual recital!


Levels Junior, Intermediate, & Advanced

Leaps/Turns at Dance Xtreme is a class where your dancer can learn the different "tricks" and turns of the dance world.  There is more focus on learning how to do the tricks for each class.  This is a great addition to the ballet classes. Contact us to see which class fits your dance level.


Levels Mini, I/II, and III

Hip Hop is a "funky" type of dance.  It is similar to what is seen in music videos or at concerts.  There are many types such as breaking, popping and krunking.  Hip Hop is focused on rhythm and coordination.  It concentrates on the beat of the music and just letting your body move.  It's all about having fun and letting loose. We offer Mini Hip Hop for ages 5-8; Hip Hop I/II for ages 9-11; while Hip Hop III is more advanced at Jr. High age.



Ages 8+

This class offers ballet/jazz/tap combined for 1.5 hours.  The dancer will focus on each style for 30 minutes.  Two of the three styles will be performed in the annual recital!


Levels I, II/III, and IV

This high energy class will teach students the basics of jazz including warm-up, technique across the floor, progressions, and turns!. It is great music and lots of fun!
Get in touch with us to choose which level is best for your little one.


Levels I, II/III, IV, and Intermediate/Advanced

Ballet at Dance Xtreme will focus on the Cecchetti  method of teaching including barre work, adagio, allegro, and progressions.  All ballet classes are 1 hour (except for Int. and Adv. which is 1.15 hrs). Placement in these classes will be determined by the teacher.



Teacher Invitation Only

Pointe is an excellent  addition to your ballet classes.  It will teach you form and discipline.  Pointe classes are by teacher approval only and a note from a physician stating you are ready physically.


Levels I, II/III, IV, and Intermediate/Advanced

Our Tap program offers skill development from beginner through advanced levels. These classes work proper technique, sound breakdown and traveling steps.  A typical class begins with a leg and ankle warm-up, followed by progression work and a center combination. We focus heavily on musicality, rhythm, and timing which is essential in tap.
Contact us to determine which level works best for your child.


Levels I and II

This class combines our Combo class and also focuses on all aspects of tumbling including proper technique, flexibility, and strength.  Students will learn all basic tumbling skills including rolls, cartwheel, round offs, all limbers, running tricks, back handsprings, and other fun tricks!



For more information on which classes work best for your child, it would be our pleasure to help. Please fill out the form below and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
If you would like to speak to Kim (owner & director), please call the number below.



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